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Operation Transformation - anyone watching?

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Rachel0Greep Thu 26-Jan-17 22:08:08

Hope I don't find there is a thread already...
Anyone else watching?

MrsDustyBusty Thu 26-Jan-17 22:33:35

No, I find it very unsatisfactory, far too short to make a significant difference to the people they choose. I think I'd watch if it was 6 months or something. Then you'd follow real life, massive changes.

Rachel0Greep Fri 27-Jan-17 08:39:06

True. Or go back to previous participants after six months. I only started watching this series, hadn't watched before.

TrashcanMan Fri 27-Jan-17 09:04:13

I like that you pick a person to follow, and that they are just out there, struggling with the changes, and trying to work, and get on with life, like the rest of us. I think sometimes they are too judgy at the weigh ins, the panel think they're on x-factor or something!

Rachel0Greep Fri 27-Jan-17 16:28:56

Completely agree Trashcanman, I think I would feel like screaming at them. grin

Amber76 Sat 28-Jan-17 08:29:30

I like this programme. Though i hate that they wear the most unflattering outfit whilst being weighed next to the gorgeous Kathyrn.

A few years ago one of contestants who was a man with four kids said he wanted lose weight and be healthy because there were going to be a lot of fun times ahead in his house and he wanted to be there to enjoy them - really struck a chord with me. I'd love if they did proper follow up months and years later.

I could be wrong but it looks as if Elaine who was on celebrity operation has 'fallen off the wagon' - she looks even bigger now than when she did it. ( Note i'm constantly dieting, i know how hard it is - frustrated with myself for not just being able to eat healthily always).

They are giving out free porridge today in the shops that are following operation transformation!! Tesco, Aldi, etc.

Rachel0Greep Sat 28-Jan-17 11:54:35

I agree Amber about the clothing, or lack of same. Surely they could wear light tshirts or something. I just feel it's demeaning, especially if they don't have a good week. Standing there, while the 'judges' go on at them!
Fair play to them anyway, I certainly couldn't do that.

KanyesVest Sat 28-Jan-17 12:00:08

I remember when Katherine Thomas started on OT and she was talking about it on the radio. She was asked about empathising with the leaders and her response was something like, "oh, I fully understand, when I was a young teenager I had some puppy fat for a few months". I'm pretty sure I shouted at her to stfu while I restrained myself from throwing the radio out the window.

Rachel0Greep Sat 28-Jan-17 12:04:19

Did Gerry Ryan (RIP) do some of the earlier series?

KanyesVest Sat 28-Jan-17 12:09:02

Yes, he did. I think maybe the first two years?

Rachel0Greep Sun 29-Jan-17 12:03:35

I'm just wondering if a participant would feel better or worse, standing beside someone like Gerry, who was definitely overweight in his later years, or someone like Kathryn.

I like her, and she was the only one, IMO, that got through to the girl - in a nice way - who isn't doing very well, and didn't attend the walk organised by her community, last week.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 29-Jan-17 15:18:52

Oh Gerry.
What a waste. sad
He had sooo much going for him.
A great career.
Lovely children.
So sad.

MrsDustyBusty Sun 29-Jan-17 17:16:17

This now broadcaster Gerry Ryan you're thinking of?

hollyisalovelyname Thu 23-Feb-17 16:39:23

Yes Gerry Ryan.
Such a waste of a dad, great broadcaster, all for the white stuff. sad

Rachel0Greep Thu 02-Mar-17 22:26:22

Very sad.

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