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The radio's shire these days. What do you listen to?

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KanyesVest Mon 23-Jan-17 10:52:24

I'm still mourning the loss of Anton Savage on mid morning radio. I liked Alison Curtis as a replacement and was even getting used to her peppiness but she's gone back to weekends leaving Twat and Twattier Dermot and Dave in her place. I can't be doing with Pat the plank and life is grim enough without Sean O'Rourke being so serious. Who the hell is there to listen to between Iano finishing up at 9 and Sean Moncrieff starting at 2??

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KanyesVest Mon 23-Jan-17 10:53:53

Shite, not shire. I don't think we have shires round these parts.

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Amber76 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:25:20

I really miss Anton Savage too - his show had a good mix and he had a light touch..... can't listen to the pair that replaced him. Now listen to music in the car in the mornings. I like Matt Cooper at 4.30.

twinjocks Wed 25-Jan-17 19:16:13

I don't listen to radio any more since TXFM finished a few months ago. All the music radio is shire (!) and the talk radio is either moany moanbags whingeing to Joe Duffy or stupid vacuous double acts. Eight Radio will be on FM for the next 8 weekends - it's not as good as TX but not as bad as everything else!!!

KanyesVest Wed 25-Jan-17 22:08:13

Oh, I don't know eight radio, I must check it out.

Just saw All Porter is moving to today FM lunchtime. Having just seen him in the panto, I'm not sure my nerves would survive 2 hours of him. Think I'll have to add to my podcast lists.

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IntoTheMystics Fri 27-Jan-17 13:01:59

Agree with you about Today FM line up. Really miss Anton at 9am. The way current affairs and politics are going these days, I'm listening to SOR in the morning to keep up to date (will change after my maternity leave finishes though 😭)
Have a bit more choice in the early afternoon and stick with Matt Cooper for drivetime.
In general, there is too much current affairs and sport on R1 and we really lack a decent music channel with some talk. TX was a big loss. All the local channels have too much pop and you find the best music programmes are on late at night. Still love the radio though.

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