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Tayto Park

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Littlegreyauditor Wed 28-Sep-16 23:14:53

Anybody been?

I'm considering a visit with the weans (3.10 and 10 months). I know they can't do the roller coasters but there seems to be lots to do for wee ones. Is it worth the trip (from Derry)?

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wobblywonderwoman Thu 29-Sep-16 08:22:57

Totally worth the trip. Mine are just two and just three. Great day out.
Mini zoo, great play park with sand. They loved Mr tayto himself. Nice rides for that age (honey bears or something- you do need good weather I think )

Littlegreyauditor Thu 29-Sep-16 23:07:40

Brilliant, thank you.

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BerylStreep Thu 29-Sep-16 23:19:02

I haven't been, but the checkout girl in my local Sainsbury's went a couple of weeks ago and loved it.

Probably not much help.

Littlegreyauditor Fri 30-Sep-16 08:11:24

Everything is helpful, honestly . cake for you

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ShoppingBasket Fri 07-Oct-16 11:46:17

Good value when u get the wristband - definitely try the swirl crisp on a stick! Yum!
It was extremely busy when we went so my ds didn't get to go on everything he wanted. I would advise looking at what your ds can go on as some of them have height restrictions even the small rides. The 5d movie was fab and worth queueing for smile

turkeyboots Fri 07-Oct-16 11:52:39

Went during the summer and it was great. Good mix of rides, animals and the main restaurant was nice.

Littlegreyauditor Fri 07-Oct-16 20:10:15

Thank you.

I'm planning to go for Santa I think. Some of the rides are closed for winter, but Santa should be a good distraction.

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