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Anyone bought at home while living abroad?

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Cel982 Sat 10-Sep-16 18:29:57

We've been in the UK for a couple of years, but planning to move back home next summer. Would like to buy a house in Dublin - all of DH's and my family are there, lots of grandparents and cousins for DD, and we both have plenty of friends there too. The idea of going back into rented accommodation while we sort out a mortgage and house-hunt is killing me - rents just seem to have gone through the roof again, it'd be waaaaay more than we're paying over here, and way more than any eventual mortgage as well, unless we live way out in the sticks. The other option would be to move in with parents for six months or as long as it took, but, much as I love them, I hate the idea of this as well; I really value having my own space.

Has anyone managed to get a mortgage with an Irish bank while still living in the UK or elsewhere? We actually have a pretty good deposit, between our own savings and a gift from parents. Income isn't huge at the moment as I'm SAHM-ing at the moment, but the industry we're both in has excellent employment prospects and earning potential, so I think we'd be a fairly safe bet in that sense (it's a profession that the banks often bent the mortgage rules for in the tiger-era - not sure if that would still apply now).

Sigh. I spend so much time on myhome and mortgage calculator websites. I just want somewhere we can put down roots, start applying for schools, put holes in the wall and not worry about filling them in when our lease comes to an end...The stuff of dreams, innit? wink

user1469639489 Wed 21-Sep-16 22:46:43

Yes - we got our mortgage with pTSB while living in the UK (through a broker). Took ages to get approval but we got it in the end. Best of luck.

Cel982 Thu 22-Sep-16 18:57:47

Thanks, user! That's good to know.

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