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I have acquired a bucket of tadpoles

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KanyesVest Thu 25-Aug-16 18:05:08

And I'm not sure what to do! I left a bucket of ice outside the back door for a couple of weeks days so when it melted I could be all eco friendly and water some plants. I finally went to use it this evening and there are a million little wrigglers in it! They are absolutely tiny, but definitely tadpole shaped. Should I just leave them as they are? I don't know if they are protected in Ireland, not that I'm planning to bump them off, but should I take them to a park pond? The DC are very excited but I don't want a froggy invasion.

KanyesVest Thu 25-Aug-16 18:17:20

Crap, intended posting this in chat, so I've reposted. Please ignore!

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