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Montessori/Playschool in Bandon?

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elelfrance Wed 17-Aug-16 10:45:12

Hello everyone

Following on from the "where is everyone from" thread where i saw a good bunch of Cork people on there, wondering does anyone know the Bandon area, and the playschool/montessori options ? We're moving near Bandon in October/November, and I'd like to start my LO 3 mornings a week in January (on the ECCE thing, she'll be 3 by then)

I see there's 5 or 6 options, would love to hear from anyone who has experience or has heard of any of them

Thanks flowers

Amber76 Wed 21-Sep-16 16:25:45

You have a lot of choice. I've heard the one at the end of convent hill is excellent. My friends child goes to one near childrens charity shop,on rd to inishannon - run by a lady called Gillian. Kids do digging and planting, etc - the child loves it. Naoinra is very good and there's another one across road, at roundabout on clon side of bypass that looks good. Probably best to go into each one and chat with owners to get a feel for a place.

Sheezus Thu 22-Sep-16 17:08:46

Hi Elelfrance,

It kind of depends on where you'll be hoping to go to primary school.
A few would tend to use the same preschool as the kids would know others starting with them then if you get me.
Also, will you be needing child care? There only a few that do pre school and crèche after so that would narrow your choice a bit too as the others would close at 12 or 1.

Do you know which side of town or which townland you'll be near?

horseyhorseydonotstop Sun 23-Oct-16 21:55:30

Second the suggestions so far. Montessori in Thornfields (out Macroom road) very well recommended also. Will depend on where you live as morning traffic will be quite busy so getting across town if you are on the other side would be a pain. Re where you planning on going to primary school being an option it won't really make a difference. There isn't that much of choice in where to go as apart from schools in town (boys/girls gaelscoil/Bandon bridge). 'Country ' schools on outskirts quite popular so unless you are living close to them attendance won't really be an option. It really will depend as said before on townland/side of town.

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