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Where to go in Dublin?

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IwannaSnorlax Tue 09-Aug-16 23:22:46

We're getting the train into Connolly station on Monday & I reckon we'll have about 4 hours before its time to leave again, therefore what would people recommend we do as we have 3 boys (ages 9, 7 & 5)?

I'd like to give them a flavour of the city & also want them to have fun & enjoy themselves.


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IwannaSnorlax Wed 10-Aug-16 10:44:12


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ElspethFlashman Wed 10-Aug-16 10:47:10

The Viking Tour is good fun. You go around the city on a boat with wheels and get to shout a lot.

AhJaysusHowaya Wed 10-Aug-16 10:57:53

The Leprechaun museum near the Jervis shopping centre. The tour takes an hour

IwannaSnorlax Wed 10-Aug-16 11:04:58

Thanks both - not heard of either of those so will have a look.

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squoosh Fri 12-Aug-16 11:59:21

With three young kids I'd definitely go for the Viking Splash Tour. I've never known a kid not to love it. They get to wear a Viking hat and shout at passing pedestrians.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 13-Aug-16 10:16:36

Yes,The Viking Splash Tour is great fun.

insuranceidiot Sat 13-Aug-16 10:31:15

Viking tour is great mine loved it. However if the weather was good I'd do the zoo. All ages love it and 4 hours is loads. A Taxi to the zoo would be minimal.

IwannaSnorlax Sat 13-Aug-16 12:40:21

Thanks all - think we'll definitely do the Viking tour but probably not the zoo as my DSs have been there before (relatives took them) & maybe the Leprechaun museum if we have time. Thanks!

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IwannaSnorlax Sat 20-Aug-16 23:05:49

Thank you - we did the shops (including an ace comic store by Hapenny Bridge); couple of drinks in Temple Bar & the Viking Splash Tour.

It was also phenomenal for playing Pokemon Go grin

My DSs had a great day - I'd never heard of the Viking tour before, so thanks for the recommendation!

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Banana99 Sat 20-Aug-16 23:08:40

Natural History Museum. - proper old fashioned Victorian type, it's great

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