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Panorama testing

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wiltingfast Tue 09-Aug-16 11:56:39

Just wondering about any Irish experiences of this test? Am in dublin and thinking of getting it done at the rcsi as it seems to include a scan. And the others don't? Am in my 40s and very very anxious about this whole pregnancy. Will be 8w on sat but have only just made a gp appt. feel if I start doing stuff it will disappear blush daft I know.

Any experiences v welcome -- come calm me down--

hollyisalovelyname Fri 12-Aug-16 18:01:42

Bumping for you

hollyisalovelyname Fri 12-Aug-16 21:50:19

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hollyisalovelyname Sat 13-Aug-16 10:07:22

Bumping again.

geekaMaxima Sat 13-Aug-16 10:50:25

I'm not in Ireland so can't tell you about clinics there, sorry, but I did find NIPT testing very reassuring as you find out major screening results so much sooner than the usual screening.

You have to be the kind of person who thrives on information, though, even if the news isn't good. If you're not sure you want to know bad news if it happens, then it might not help with your stress levels.

A couple of things to consider if you decide to go ahead:

- an ultrasound scan is important because it checks for viability at this early stage of pregnancy. A reputable clinic won't do the blood tests if a scan shows a major problem. If a particular clinic doesn't include a scan - and it's worth ringing to check - you can always get one done yourself beforehand for under €100.

- the test can vary a lot in how long it takes to get the results. Panorama goes to the US and takes (I think) 3-5 days in the lab there, but different clinics sometimes sit on the sample or results for a couple of days meaning it can take over 2 weeks from the day of testing. It's worth asking the clinic not only how soon you can expect the results, but also whether they send out samples same or next day (even if you test on a Friday, so they're not sitting in a freezer over the w/e), whether they ring you with results same day they get them (as opposed to posting a letter), and so on. The waiting time is hard, so I'd pick a clinic that minimised it.

Congratulations smile, and good luck flowers

wiltingfast Sun 14-Aug-16 17:10:38

Thanks all. Some Irish MNers responded on the pregnancy threads and I've booked it at the beacon. Scan included. Nervous but definitely want to know.

Thanks for the help everyone flowers

TKRedLemonade Tue 16-Aug-16 21:10:27

Hi didn't want to respond until I knew my results but just a word it doesn't always work. I had first test done in Rotunda....two weeks ..insufficient DNA, repeat done...two weeks....insufficient DNA....meant increase risk of chromosomal disorder....needed an amnio as I was stressed out by then and could wait the 24 weeks just worrying. Doc said 20 week scan would not be enough.

Thankfully amnio was normal!!! No idea why the two tests didn't work, I am a bit overweight but then I was also 15 weeks pregnant and am tall!

I got it done for reassurance and it has ended up fine but had a very stressful few weeks!

wiltingfast Tue 16-Aug-16 22:07:04

Tks for the feedback TK. I'll keep that in mind!

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