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hollyisalovelyname Sun 24-Jul-16 18:12:13

Do Dunnes Stores have shops in the UK?
If so, where?

ShelaghTurner Sun 24-Jul-16 18:16:04

There's a couple oop north I think. Certainly nothing down here in the SE. <cries>

dramalamma Sun 24-Jul-16 18:17:07

Only in Northern Ireland.

faintlyoptimistic Sun 24-Jul-16 18:17:45

One in Glasgow!

moonface1978 Sun 24-Jul-16 18:17:51

There are at least 2 in Glasgow.

ShelaghTurner Sun 24-Jul-16 18:18:42

There are a couple in Scotland, then west Yorks, Northampton and ... Lancashire

iloveredwine Sun 24-Jul-16 18:18:47

One in Glenrothes

moonface1978 Sun 24-Jul-16 18:34:25

Cross post there.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 24-Jul-16 19:59:36

Thanks ladies.
I knew Craicnet would be useful.

KanyesVest Sun 24-Jul-16 20:02:58

They have a UK (or at least .com) site which will deliver to UK addresses.

Bubble2bubble Sun 24-Jul-16 20:07:44

I order online from their UK site even though I have two massive Dunnes within 30 minutes drive and shouldn't admit to being so lazy

ShelaghTurner Sun 24-Jul-16 21:03:00

I got dd1's communion dress from Dunnes this year, safe in the knowledge that no other kid in Surrey would have one grin

hollyisalovelyname Sun 24-Jul-16 21:41:19

I think it's really gone upmarket. Do they advertise in the UK?

daydream86 Sun 24-Jul-16 21:42:19

one in Leeds x

hollyisalovelyname Sun 24-Jul-16 21:55:43

I just had a thought:
Dunnes could buy some of the now defunct BHS stores and expand in the UK.

omri Sun 24-Jul-16 22:03:11

The one on grafton street in Dublin has gone very upmarket! I didn't recognise it when I went in recently! Like a fancy department store.

KanyesVest Sun 24-Jul-16 22:03:18

Yes, I has gone very upmarket, but I find the disjoint of a €200+ Paul Costello blazer in Dunnes very odd. And all the Carolyn Donnelly and Lennon Courtney stuff is pure polyester. That said, the Leigh Tucker Willow children's clothes are fantastic and good value.

omri Sun 24-Jul-16 22:19:31

Totally agree Kanye!
I only go in for the homes section these days.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 24-Jul-16 23:12:02

I don't think Carolyn Donnelly is all polyester.
I like The Edit range. But it is expensive. There's a real Cos vibe about it.

Rinceoir Mon 25-Jul-16 00:50:22

I miss Dunnes now I'm in England. It's strange but it's great for staples. Plus my DD is very slim but average height and Dunnes clothes seem to fit her perfectly! Didn't realise they had an online UK site, will take a look.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 25-Jul-16 09:34:19

Rinceoir some posters up thread said there were Dunnes Stores in England. There may be one near you.

ICanSeeForMiles Mon 25-Jul-16 09:38:11

I thought they were fairly common in Scotland. Glasgow, the forge, cumbernauld etc. I bought a great pair of leggings there the other week for about £7.

KanyesVest Mon 25-Jul-16 09:44:31

I must be looking at the wrong things so, Holly! Actually, the Carolyn Donnelly stuff is a bit too Cos-like for me, which is probably why I haven't looked closer. I'm still discombobulated by the notion of designers and their prices in Dunnes though.

CotedePablo Mon 25-Jul-16 09:44:31

Yes, there's one in Cumbernauld.

sksk Mon 25-Jul-16 19:16:21

God, I miss Dunnes. There is one in Northampton in England.

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