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Jesus Mary and Joseph - the heat

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CmereTilliTellYa Tue 19-Jul-16 10:01:14

Anyone else melting at their desk currently?

Had a major wardrobe crisis this morning as had no nude tights and legs can't go out unadorned. Couldn't face black tights for obvious reasons and I normally wear dresses for work as its just easier. Took me ages to out decent trousers and a top. Sitting here absolutely melting - need a fan emoticon

CmereTilliTellYa Tue 19-Jul-16 10:14:07

Look at this - how beautiful is this picture?!

murphys Tue 19-Jul-16 10:16:10

How hot is it Cmere?

I'm not in UK...

Just wondering why you cant wear a dress without tights?

wobblywonderwoman Tue 19-Jul-16 10:16:45

Craicnet... Wahay

hollyisalovelyname Tue 19-Jul-16 10:17:52

Cmere what a great picture.
What's seldom is wonderful.

CmereTilliTellYa Tue 19-Jul-16 10:18:19

Pasty white legs murphys. I know I should embrace them but I just can't quite bring myself to.

It's 23 degrees at the moment, highs of around 27 today with some rumours of 30 degrees in some areas shock

freetrampolineforall Tue 19-Jul-16 10:18:32

(Whispers) I'm working from home and I'm not wearing a bra. Dignified summer dress, of course. One time wear this year, no doubt.

LokisUnderpants Tue 19-Jul-16 10:32:47

I may be able to get rid of my corned beef legs for a while. You're probably see my pasty white legs in that photo if you squint hard enough. Just south west of Cork city grin

Glamorousglitter Tue 19-Jul-16 10:34:25

I m sitting in a Dublin park while the kids have their tennis lessons and the baby sleeps, under a sunshade ... IN DUBLIN, imagine. . Rooted out an old bottle of Sally Hansen for my legs this morning. The phone tells me it s 24 degrees!

elelfrance Tue 19-Jul-16 10:43:25

DH and the kids are at the beach, I'm at work and very very jealous !! though mind you i'd spend most of my time trying not to get burned, they're all much more resilient than me!

NarcyCow Tue 19-Jul-16 10:50:06

21 in the north east. We have every fan in the office on and all the windows open - no such thing as aircon in this building!

HorraceTheOtter Tue 19-Jul-16 10:59:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DramaAlpaca Tue 19-Jul-16 11:02:48

Mid west here. I've no idea how hot it is outside, but I've had to put the air conditioning on in my office for the first time this year.

FaFoutis Tue 19-Jul-16 11:03:52

I'm working from home and I'm naked.

hollyisalovelyname Tue 19-Jul-16 11:16:32

Under what section is Craicnet?

vvviola Tue 19-Jul-16 11:20:03

I drove from Belfast to Wicklow in a car with no air con yesterday. DC took their t-shirts off in the back of the car. I was this >< close to following suit.

Thankfully I work in an old stone building, so it's actually relatively cool today. Don't fancy venturing out for lunch though.

DramaAlpaca Tue 19-Jul-16 11:22:20

holly Craicnet is in the Other Stuff section. I had to hunt around for it earlier.

Ihatechoosingnames Tue 19-Jul-16 11:25:42

30 degrees in the West Midlands. Am melting. Need to take the kids a quick walk, they'll be Ok out for a walk for 20mins in this heat won't they? Not ideal but they're going crazy stuck indoors

elelfrance Tue 19-Jul-16 11:39:31

Ihatechoosingnames, hats, sunscreen, they'll be grand :-D

Jeanniejampots80 Tue 19-Jul-16 11:55:42

Its 28 degrees where I am in Dublin. Melting at work!!!
Dipped DD in suncream before creche, poor child has her mothers icecream white complexion and will frizzle in the sun,

Have maternity scan later then date night with hubby! yeah!!

MaisieDotes Tue 19-Jul-16 12:21:25

I'm not at work as still on maternity but yeah, roasting here too.

I'm wearing a sarong and vest top and bare feet. It's funny how something that seems perfectly acceptable on holidays feels totally wrong at home. Oh well, I'm fecked if I'm putting on leggings or skinny jeans today angry < my face

hollyisalovelyname Tue 19-Jul-16 12:22:41

Great,thanks Drama.

freetrampolineforall Tue 19-Jul-16 12:27:32

Ihate, take water and see if you have a lolly or similar at home. Or if there is a lolly emporium within walking distance. I want a lolly.

WanderingTrolley1 Tue 19-Jul-16 12:31:24

32 in Birmingham and unbearable.

I've been in the garden with LO for half hour or so. Back indoors now and feel like total crap.

I may be able to persuade DS that she's tired and crash!

KoalaDownUnder Tue 19-Jul-16 12:31:43

23 degrees?! shockwinkgrin That's bloody winter!

It was 40+ degrees for a solid week here last summer.

Weaklings. wink

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