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Anyone tried Cocoonababy from Red Castle?

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pinkypig Sun 04-Apr-10 14:09:34

Just wanting any opinions on whether this helps newborns sleep better? Is it worth the money?



MatesNeedPals Mon 05-Apr-10 13:10:55

certainly looks snuggly.

sleepy78 Thu 14-Oct-10 21:00:42

We've got one and our 2 and a half month old has slept really well from day one - she now sleeps through the night (as of this week)! Maybe she would have done that anyway, even without the cocoonababy - I'll never know!
We also used it at first to put downstairs so she could sleep nearby us during the day and we could put it anywhere because it has a belt to attach the baby with (although I don't do that anymore, now she can move around more!)
As for whether it's worth the cost, who knows - we'll hopefully use it again and may lend it to friends in the meantime...

brihoney Fri 17-Dec-10 00:42:03

I just saw one of these that my french friend has. Looks great and her baby sleeps really well (sleeping through the night at about 2 months - which I think is a nice time, earlier that my first did, but not unreasonably early)

Did seem a bit expensive, but something I might consider. Or might just try to borrow my friend's one ;)

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