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Do end-opening cots exist?

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bunny30 Thu 05-Nov-09 21:38:57

Hi - wondered if anyone has ever seen, had or made an end-opening (ie; short end opening) cot?

MaximumNoisePollution Thu 05-Nov-09 23:02:12

No, <being nosy> why would you need the end to open not the side? Considering if dc is at the opposite end and mattress is on lowest setting dc would be hard to get out of cot.

bunny30 Fri 06-Nov-09 21:06:47

Thanks for reply. I'm new to this baby stuff and the possibility just crossed my mind as starting to plan house conversion on account of little bun!

thisisyesterday Fri 06-Nov-09 21:10:47

no, i haven't, but figured the same as MNP, would be hard to get baby in/out

Pingpong Fri 06-Nov-09 21:11:40

I would't worry about it TBH. I bought a cot where the side could be dropped one handed as this seemed to be recommended but I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually dropped it. I'm tall so just bend over and pick DD up. Now she is bigger she is usually standing up when I go through in the morning anyway

MrsBadger Fri 06-Nov-09 21:18:16

MNP is spot on - even if you found one you;d never be able to get the poor child out!

and bear in mind that even cots with drop sides onyl drop 6-12" so it doesn;t make a huge difference if the side is down or not when it comes to leaning over.

They do come in a huge variety of sizes though, from specialist compact ones (102x66cm, try Community Playthings), via standard european (123 x 66cm, try Ikea) to ultra-plush bateau-lit style cotbeds (159 x 109cm, Mothercare)

bunny30 Tue 10-Nov-09 22:14:09

Thanks peeps! I'm glad i got months yet...should be just enough time to choose between all the options!!! wink

bunny30 Tue 10-Nov-09 22:17:16

Thanks peeps! I'm glad i got months yet...should be just enough time to choose between all the options!!! wink

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