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why are cot bed size duvet covers sooooo expensive???

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alannabanana Wed 23-Sep-09 20:15:58

been trying to find one for soon-to-arrive cot duvet (preferably in the night garden, but beggars can't be choosers!)
have looked at mothercare, tesco, ebay, amazon, all over the place...they all seem to be more than i would pay for our own bedding!
the cheapest i've found is a tenner, and thats just plain, one colour boring.
anyone know of anywhere i can get bargain bedding?

feedthegoat Wed 23-Sep-09 20:25:01

Ikea are cheap for the cot sized ones and I found they were fine if I just folded the bottom of the quilt over (only about 10 inch). I think I paid about £8.00 for a nice bright animal design.

Dunelm also had some ones with designs on for £13.99 when I was last looking. Not as cheap as £10.00 but at least they're not plain.

sherry4283 Sat 24-Oct-09 16:19:33

Have a search on for junior duvets - they have a few on there believe it or not from £9.99.

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