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Tiny Bedroom - Mid Sleeper / Cabin Bed recommendations please!

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MotherOfGirls Thu 17-Sep-09 07:32:54

We are moving to a house where my 11 year old daughter will have a tiny bedroom. She will need a bed with storage underneath, as there is not enough space for a bed and a chest of drawers. Any recommendations?

We will only be ther for 2 years so I'm trying not to spend a fortune but I'm worried the cheaper mid-sleepers will not be sturdy and I'm looking at Stompa, which cost more than I want to pay!

TheBalladofGayTony Thu 17-Sep-09 07:42:51

ikea are pretty good. we looked all round and unless you are going down the stompa route they are the best for your money

MotherOfGirls Thu 17-Sep-09 07:47:49

Thanks. I had a look at the Ikea website, as I'm generally a fan, but I can't see anything with much storage.

MotherOfGirls Thu 17-Sep-09 07:49:03

I should have said - it can't be too tall, as the ceiling slopes too!

PestoLovelyMonster Thu 17-Sep-09 08:00:26

I'm trying to track down a good one of these too, so am watching this thread with interest.

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Thu 17-Sep-09 09:20:22

This is the one we have for DC1. It has a wardrobe, drawers and shelves (we have bought so boxes which go on the shelves for storage) Somewhere for DC1 to do his homework as well. There is a void at the back which is accessed by crawling under the desk which is DC1's 'secret' hideaway.

Ohio cabin bed Argos

Poledra Thu 17-Sep-09 09:22:05

Marking this thread, as am in similar situation, right down (or up?) to the sloping ceiling.

MotherOfGirls Thu 17-Sep-09 09:26:12

That one looks good, MrsGok, but I think I need something with less height. Also, there is a built in wardrobe in the room (praise be!) so it's drawers and shelves which are needed, rather than hanging space.

lucysmum Thu 17-Sep-09 09:27:34

We've just gone through this. A warning - most of the cabin beds we looked at were too tall for our room - she would have bumped her head when she sat up in bed ! Ended up with Odda bed from Ikea with storage boxes underneath as a compromise and a tall thin chest of drawers (old one from Mamas and Papas) and lots of hooks to hang long stuff on.

titchy Thu 17-Sep-09 09:46:28

Our dcs have Flexa bads - a bit cheaper than Stompa I think. VERY sturdy. Can have chest of drawers and a bookcase underneath. Can change legs to make either normal bed, double bunk or even triples for the future. Would thoroughly recommend. Try Ebay?

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