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Sleeping in Mamas and Papas Ultima carrycot?

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Alldressedup Sun 13-Sep-09 14:28:01


I've been given a Mamas and Papas Ultima travel system from my friend and it includes a carrycot which I was planning to use as the baby's first bed (instead of buying a moses basket/crib). My friend had done the same thing too.
I've bought a new mattress from M&P and was all set, until another friend said it's not recommended to have the baby sleep in a carrycot. She didn't really know why though. So, now I'm confused. I'm a first timer, so this has concerned me a bit, but don't want to be buying things unnecessarily as we don't have much space.

Can anyone else advise? Thanks.

RuthChan Sun 13-Sep-09 19:58:24

Do you have a standard cot? If so, there's no reason your baby can't sleep in that from birth.

Alldressedup Sun 13-Sep-09 20:59:15

Yes, we have bought a normal cot. Unfortunately our (tiny) bedroom isn't big enough to have the cot in, but we would be able to have the carrycot on its stand in the room with us.
I think it will be fine to be honest.

kellyatbabyguds Thu 17-Sep-09 11:02:20

Some aren't suitable for overnight sleeping in for reasons that they are not breathable enough but if this is the case they are not allowed to be called a carrycot e.g Quinny Dreami. I would say it would definately be ok for occasional use but to put your mind at ease why not contact M & P customer care

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