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cot recommendations

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amarantha Fri 21-Aug-09 14:40:44

Hey ladies,
Please can I have any recommendations for a cot or cotbed. I'm hoping to spend under 200 ideally under 150 and have been looking at the East Coast Anna.
All ideas gratefully received

nappyaddict Fri 21-Aug-09 14:45:16

I had this one

SabsBigPants Fri 21-Aug-09 15:13:21

bumping this topic.

I'm due with my first DC in 5 weeks time and also would like recommendations for a cot - not a cotbed as i dont have the space. I'm thinking of buying from john lewis and spending around a £100 for the cot plus additional for the matteress

tethersend Mon 24-Aug-09 14:25:46

Have a look at the Brio ones here

Although only the black one has adjustable mattress heights and drop down sides.

Have just posted this on another thread, I should be getting a commission! I have the black one, and really love it smile

BertieBotts Mon 24-Aug-09 14:37:52

Oh I love those brio ones. Ikea do a nice bright one but only in red or blue. I like that because it has a really high setting for newborns and a really low setting with removeable side for toddler-bed-conversion.

Are you looking for anything special? e.g. Lots of mattress heights & removeable side so you can use as a sidecar cot, Cotbed which converts into toddler bed, Built in toys (ie the playbead ones), nice colours of wood or bright colours or nice designs... etc etc.

Would recommend a sidecar style cot (or one you can convert) if you are breastfeeding. We have ended up with 2 - one DP converted into a sidecar and can't make back into a normal cot so we are now also getting the ikea one which will be in DS' room.

tethersend Mon 24-Aug-09 14:52:21

sorry, should say drop down side singular

amarantha Thu 27-Aug-09 11:58:29

Thanks for the replies ladies, I've been lucky my MIL turned up the other day with the mamas and papas playbead one as a surprise present.

SabsBigPants Fri 28-Aug-09 15:06:02

the black brio does look good. DH likes it too!

iloveflo Sat 12-Sep-09 23:16:37

We also have a brio cot - have it in raspberry red. The finish is fabulous, everyone thought we were mad but it really adds a wow factor bit to our little girls nursery and a bargain at £109.99. "Got it from here".

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