Holiday and cot transitioning

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Wingingit07 Wed 05-May-21 09:57:38


I was wondering if you can help (please!)

LO is 6 mths and would like to move him to his own room in cot. However we are visiting in laws in July for 2 weeks of which he will be 8 months. Firstly would we be going back a step by having him in our room as theres no other room for him (very small place), from your experiences would it make it difficult for us when we got home? Secondly did you find that your LO didnt take to a travel cot? Im worried as it will be quite different from his usual cot?

Thought about waiting to transition after 8 months but HV said one thing to consider is it is harder then as babies become more fond and clingy to surroundings!

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