Snuzpod 4 fitted sheets- seem quite loose

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Lewiswilson Mon 03-May-21 10:11:47

Hello, I have a new snuzpod pod 4 with the mattresses protector and fitted sheets, the fitted sheets are snuzpod 4 sheets but they just seem a little loose and I am slightly worried they the new little man could potentially pull them off and over him. It’s my first child. Is there anything I need like clips or something else ??? Or are they ok???


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Chip831 Tue 11-May-21 20:26:55

Did you manage to find out! Iv just got the snuzpod too! Not due for another 2 weeks but need a couple more sheets. What did you end up using? I was reccomended John Lewis ones but they seem too big 🤔

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