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How much space do babies need in a crib?

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FurbabyMama Sun 13-Oct-19 09:11:18


Can you tell me how long your DC was when they outgrew their moses basket/crib, and how long said basket/crib was?

I'm expecting baby to be quite long (DH is about 98th percentile) and trying to work out whether the snuzpod 2 my sister has offered me will do until 6 months, or if I'm going to have to buy something longer anyway in which case I might as well just start off with that and not bother buying a mattress for the snuzpod. 98th percentile length at 6 months is 72cm and snuzpod internal length is 80cm. Longest crib I've found (that also fits width wise) is 90cm.


Seventytwoseventythree Sun 13-Oct-19 09:13:04

Interesting question, no advice but I’m pregnant and my husband is 195cm so following with interest!

burritofan Sun 13-Oct-19 10:47:20

DD is 91st centile for height and outgrew the Snuzpod around 4 months, less for length and more for arms hitting the sides/rolling into the sides as she settled. She's a week shy of six months and we're assembling the cot right now! (She's been in our bed for weeks.)

But worth having for when they're teeny-tiny as they like the feeling of being enclosed; going from womb to full-sized cot would be terrifying. But the baby will probably end up sleeping on you for the first few weeks anyway.

FurbabyMama Sun 13-Oct-19 11:26:36

Thanks @burritofan, that's helpful to know. We will definitely have some kind of crib before moving to the cot as a cot won't fit in our bedroom but I think I'll just go ahead and buy the longest crib I can find rather than spending money on a new mattress for the snuzpod and having to find another solution before baby is old enough for the cot

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