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CLRL Tue 20-Aug-19 10:17:12

Hi All
Has anyone ordered anything from
I placed an order for a sleep pod thing which has not arrived and now is no longer required. I tried to email them to request a cancellation of my order and they have refused.
They are now ignoring my emails and all attempts to make contact via social media. Interestingly they have deleted all my social media comments so i think the fact they are all so positive is now apparent.
I am annoyed i ordered with them as they have told me now the shipping is up to one month, it is obviously dodgy knock off stuff from China somewhere.
Has anyone else had experiences with them?

CLRL Sat 24-Aug-19 16:13:51

A follow up to this - the item has now arrived and it’s cheap/awful quality.
They are a USA company and state on the website they do not offer refunds. Not sure that is even legal or not?
They delete any negative posts from their social media and ignore your emails if you have an issue.
There is no telephone number or address on the website you can use for contact and no where you can leave honest reviews.
Just in case anyone is think of ordering from lavish moms - please don’t - it’s a shocker.

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