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Co sleeping cot for newborn - 2 years which is also portable. Does this exist?

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Katjoneskins Thu 18-Jul-19 13:13:50

Hi everyone, can anyone help? I'm due in January (so have plenty of time to solve this conundrum, but it's such a minefield I thought I'd better start now!) I know exactly what we need for our baby to sleep in, but can't find such a thing anywhere!
I'm after a co sleeping cot (ie one with a side that folds down & preferably connects to our bed) which will do our baby from birth until he/she is about 2 (I just don't want to have to buy a new cot after 6 months!) I also want one we can take with us if we go away. Obviously using it on different beds means it needs to have adjustable height.
So to summarise smile
Cot for 0 - 2 years
Fold down side
Adjustable height

Does this exist??? (And without having to take out a mortgage preferably! : ) )

jomaIone Thu 18-Jul-19 13:30:55

You could probably find a normal cot that has a fold down side, but I've never seen a travel cot as you describe or one that does up to 2!

You might be better buying a cheap travel cot and a normal cot that you can remove a side from so it lasts for longer!

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