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justwingingit10 Wed 06-Feb-19 11:32:30

Opinions please on the Sleepyhead deluxe pod. Should I wait until baby is here to decide whether I think we would get good use from it or not? Also, any reviews on the cheaper sleep pods?

Jackshouse Wed 06-Feb-19 11:33:37

Check out the Lullaby trust recommendation first

EssentialHummus Wed 06-Feb-19 11:35:37

We used one with DD and I think it helped once I realised I needed to remove the cardboard insert but I wouldn't buy it before the birth. See how you go. In terms of helping the baby sleep by creating a cocooned feeling there are other options - swaddling, for example.

justwingingit10 Wed 06-Feb-19 16:38:25

@EssentialHummus haha!
Thank you, i'll hold off for now

justwingingit10 Wed 06-Feb-19 16:40:46

@Jackshouse had a look, thank you for the heads up!

Emelene Wed 06-Feb-19 16:43:08

Yes I agree with the PP - advised against by the SIDS charity the lullaby trust x

bigandbumpy Mon 18-Feb-19 20:55:21

No buy it now! I have a 2 week old baby boy and it's the only thing he likes to sleep in - the Moses basket is very hit and miss. Also I don't think the base of the Moses basket is as firm as the sleepyhead! Honestly the last 2 weeks have been the hardest of my life and the sleepyhead has been a godsend, and so worth it's money!
I'm sure my reply will start all the banging on about lullaby trust recommendations blah blah but we've done our homework and made our decision.

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