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Baby Hammocks

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Njh1986 Wed 02-Jan-19 20:09:42

Hi all, I have a nearly 6 week old, 8lb baby with silent reflux (mainly under control with ranitidine and Neocate milk) who also is a restless sleeper. I currently raise the head of the co sleeper crib to a ridiculous degree and she still wakes herself up a lot. In my sleep deprived state I looked up solutions and found someone locally selling an Amby Nature Nest which I collected today. My other half then came home and said ‘that can’t be safe’....I then googled it and apparently they are not SIDS safe. Now I’m too scared to use it tonight, despite the fact that she had an amazing nap in it earlier, enough time for me to have a shower, dry and straighten my hair and put a load of washing on the airer (priorities!). I can’t find anything definitive online that is fully up to date - can anyone shed light on this? Does anyone have any recent experience of using hammocks like this?

cloudjumper Wed 02-Jan-19 20:23:53

Not recent, but both my DCs slept in a hammock for the first 4-5 months of their lives. No problems at all, but I did get raised eyebrows from the midwives/HVs... I'm still convinced that the hammock contributed to making them brilliant sleepers - although that theory didn't hold, as my sister's DS who also slept in it still isn't that great sleeping through.
Sorry that's probably not helpful...

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