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BF and bedside cribs

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1Wanda1 Thu 25-Oct-18 16:30:45

I have a (probably silly) question about BFing if you use a bedside crib attached to your bed. We've been given one of these by a friend (it's the Chicco one) and I like the idea of it, but surely if you BF lying down with baby next to you, you can only feed from one breast (the "bottom" one)? As you'd need to turn onto your other side to feed from the other breast, and so would have to put the baby on the other side too, with you between baby and the crib.

Is this correct or am I being dim? If it is right, then doesn't that negate the benefit of having a next to me crib? As you'd have to pick baby up after doing the "other" side and put him/her back into the crib.

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