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Sleepyhead Grand softness

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BlueMoon33 Wed 19-Sep-18 04:29:50

My baby has been sleeping in the sleepyhead deluxe since birth and I like the firmness of the base mattress, it’s almost ridged. He’s pretty much outgrown this so I’ve just bought a sleepyhead grand secondhand off eBay and the base mattress is so much softer, I’m not sure I’m happy with that - what I want to ask is, is this normal for the sleepyhead grand?

iamloading Wed 19-Sep-18 04:33:55

Sorry if this sounds stupid but have you taken the (meant to be removed) cardboard insert out of the base of your sleepyhead as I have one and I definitely wouldn't describe the mattress base as rigid.

BlueMoon33 Wed 19-Sep-18 04:52:09

Not stupid, Yes this confused me with the deluxe at first, but yes took that out. I suppose rigid isn’t the right word but when you pick up the deluxe it holds well. The grand I’ve got is very floppy and soft in comparison.

BlueMoon33 Wed 19-Sep-18 05:36:00

I meant to say that doesn’t sound stupid, sorry if that post read wrong and grumpy, a bit sleep deprived!

Bananarama12 Wed 19-Sep-18 05:40:40

Yes ours was like this too! I've taken the padding out and then put in the cot.

BlueMoon33 Thu 20-Sep-18 20:59:34

That’s an idea. But then makes for an expensive cot bumper!

I love my small sleepyhead but not so impressed with the grand..

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