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How do I make a cotbed mattress softer safely?

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Catscatsandmorecats Sun 26-Aug-18 03:58:22

Does anyone have any recommendations for soft mattress toppers for cotbeds? DS2, who is nearly 1, is not a good sleeper, especially when teething. but what I have found is if he's on a slightly softer surface (our travel cot, camping cot or in with me because he won't bloody sleep) he seems to be more comfortable.

If anyone can recommend anything that might help I'd be very grateful,. I'm not sure how to do it safely. But I'm back to work soon, DS2 has started nursery, DS1 is about to start school, and we all desperately need sone better sleep!

ArfArfBarf Sun 26-Aug-18 04:58:33

I don’t think there is a safe way to make the cot bed mattress softer - but if he sleeps better in the travel cot do you have room to use that instead?

Catscatsandmorecats Sun 26-Aug-18 06:17:41

In my sleep deprived state I hadn't thought of that, but unfortunately he's a climber and can nearly get out of the travel cot on his own so we only tend to use it if we're sharing a room, which then has its own issues as DH is such about sleeper. When DS2 comes in with me I have a spare bed in his room. we never sorted out his room, just bunged a cot in the spare room

Mach5 Sun 26-Aug-18 06:37:08

A single mattress on the floor with a baby gate on the door? He can sleep wherever but be safe in his room then.

Moody123 Sun 26-Aug-18 06:37:38

We went straight to a bed with DS, around a year, but he was co sleeping anyway so used to our mattress so we just bought him one similar and put his double bed on the floor (so took off both ends so just the slats and mattress we're on the floor) he slept through pretty much straight away after that ! Who knew he just needed space and it was the bars waking him up !

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