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mothercare Summer Oak cot bed

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jr011147 Thu 19-Jul-18 21:03:40

Sorry if I have the wrong forum for this question (fairly new to this) but does anyone know the size of the bolts for Mothercare Summer Oak cot bed that fit the cot sides.? We have 'mislaid' them and need to put cot together and Mothercare cant help as it has been discontinued.Thanks

jr011147 Sun 29-Jul-18 18:42:05

Is there anyone out there that has a Mothercare Summer oak cot bed and knows the size of the screws shown as G for the cot sides on the assembly instructions? We have mislaid them.Any help would be appreciated. thanks

jr011147 Sun 29-Jul-18 18:43:16

Sorry, should be screws shown as F not G.

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