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Mumsnet best travel cot - do you agree?

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 19-Jul-18 10:10:50

We put the UK’s best travel cots through their paces and, after weeks of exhaustive testing (and snoozing), we think the Joie Commuter Change is the best for most families.

Read our review and tell us what you think. Do you agree? Have we missed anything out? We'd love your feedback


Richie257 Thu 19-Jul-18 21:34:45

how do people find the mattress? I think the whole thing is great for ease and size etc but our mattress just doesn’t stay flat. We put a sheet on it and the mattress kinda bunches up. We take the sheet off and it doesn’t lie flat. More in the bassinet then the bottom bit still the bottom. My son is 5 months and I don’t like using the main bit only as it feels like a long drop when putting him down (we have chicco next 2 me at home so used to a slide in).
I also find the bassinet swings/moves more than I would expect.
Any suggestions or thoughts greatly appreciated.

Elbbob Thu 26-Jul-18 11:44:40

We have this. We use it for day time/evening naps and as a playpen. My DD is nearly 6 months, we've had this about 8 weeks.
Firstly I love the changing table, prior to this we were using a mat on the floor - back breaking after a while! We just leave the changing table on the cot all the time (apart from when she sleeps in it overnight).
I also love the bassinet. Currently DD lies width ways on the middle and it does sag a bit but that's to be expected. I just slide the side hooks apart again to reduce the sag. @Richie257 we don't use a sheet on it. The mattress is flat though, apart from the slight sag. And my DD loves that the bassinet moves - She kicks the sides to make it rock! She can't sit up yet so I'm happy letting her play in the bassinet with a couple of toys. She rolls around in it happily for about 20 min so I'm hopeful when she is too big for the bassinet she'll be happy playing and napping in the bottom bit.
It is disappointing the changer and bassinet don't fit in the travel bag, but not too big a deal for me. Although the changer took me so long to put together I'd never want to take it apart for travel! I'm happy using a normal travel changing mat if we go away instead.

However I can only compare it to a standard travel cot we tried on holiday which was the same minus the bassinet and changer. DD happy sleeping in the bottom of that although I didn't enjoy the long drop to get her in/out. Made me glad to have the bassinet on the Joie!

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