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Chicco Next 2 Me Crib

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Poppy1989 Fri 22-Jun-18 23:15:56

Anyone got opinions on this?
I have a moses basket but so worried that I will want to check on him throughout the night and will have to get up to do it.....

Saw this and was thinking it might be a better idea 💡

LeeLou456 Fri 22-Jun-18 23:32:19

I can definitely recommend. DS (4 months) is currently asleep in his at the mo. I find that the Moses basket is a waste of time as they grow out of them so quickly.

3boysandabump Sat 23-Jun-18 23:55:10

I have next to me for upstairs and Moses for downstairs.
Next to me is especially useful after c section and/or when breastfeeding

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