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Tutti Bambini cozee/co sleeper help please!

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HeavyMetalMama Thu 03-May-18 00:55:49

I desperately need help with my Tutti Bambini cozee it anyone can shed some light please?

Why does it tilt to one side when baby shifts or rolls? He’s only 6 weeks old, it’s meant to last months yet. Customer services have been utterly useless at best

How does the lip go on the edge of the bed as I worry it’s too high? Or too low?

I’ve only used it downstairs for naps for a week so far because of it, (side’s up obv) before that it sat empty as I was worried and used a Moses basket. Still using the basket at night but baby is getting a bit long for it plus I would prefer him in the co sleeper

Warriers2 Sat 20-Oct-18 05:28:02

Hi did you get anywhere with the tilting?
I’m writing this literally with I feel I near miss. Baby is 8 weeks and for the past week I have found him at the side of the cot yet he isn’t rolling yet. (Always to the same mesh side however he is too small to reach the mesh part yet) I have just woke subconsciously to him squished so far at the side with sheer panic that he was still breathing. Currently on my chest snoring now.
This has really frightened me and wondering if it’s worth keeping? I don’t use it to co sleep at present x

NinjaTurtleMikey Sat 20-Oct-18 10:18:13

@warriers2 I’m so sorry you’re having the same problem! After months of being assured I was wrong (clearly!) and being promised a fixed replacement (when it wasn’t faulty?) I actually got my refund 2 weeks ago when baby was over 6 months! I was having the same problem as you and so I know the sheer terror and blood running cold of waking up to see baby on their side, or in my case sometimes front! I would definitely recommend starting the complaints/refund/return procedure ASAP as they’re so arse about faced. I had no option but to bed share with my boy as it was the safest option and although we love it I would have really preferred him to sleep in a cot. Plus the first couple of months were sleepless hell in the bambini!

Surely something needs to be done as it’s more common and dangerous yet I was spoken to like shit by the owner!

Sorry to ramble

NinjaTurtleMikey Sat 20-Oct-18 10:18:50

I’m HeavyMetal under a new name btw

Warriers2 Sat 20-Oct-18 10:30:16

Exactly I have purcharsed the crib putting my complete faith in it to keep my baby safe when he sleeps- I do the rest, no lose blankets, sleeping on back, nothing in the cot so they should do their small part, there is definitely a fault with this crib. My husband works nights and checked in on the camera the other night and rang me to wake up as he was rolled to the side again but pressed so far into the edge ?the most movement my baby does is wiggle.
I’m sorry you experienced poor customer service- but with baby products surely safety is paramount?! My baby will not be a test for a fault that others can learn from in the future. I have had a message from another cozee crib user who said she got a replacement because they acknowledged a fault with the old ones and new ones have been recified? They why hasn’t the product been recalled?
Sorry to ramble 🙈 but this isn’t a case of not satisfied with product it comes down to baby safety. X

NinjaTurtleMikey Sat 20-Oct-18 10:45:04

Omg that’s awful! I heard from at least one other lady saying the same! The bloke on the phone kept banging on about “rolling changes” when the crib wasn’t faulty - then why keep changing it?! It’s obviously a way of getting out of recalls and refunds. My baby was reflux-y and it’s awful I found him face down in sick! Even though he couldn’t roll! I didn’t get a wink of sleep for months. I’m not sure what can actually be done on a wider scale but something needs to before something bad happens

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