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Tutti Bambini Cozee

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MancUnicorn Tue 16-Jan-18 00:43:12

Hello everyone, dp and I have possibly settled on the Tutti Bambini Cozee. However, I am worried about the fabric sides (I hate cot bumpers too) and also the slight lip over the mattress. I hadn't noticed it in models before except one in Mothercare. My dream would be the Snuzpod but the Cozee is perfect for travel too which is what we need. Has anyone had the Cozee and could tell me if the fabric or lip was a problem? Thanks x

HeavyMetalMama Thu 03-May-18 00:50:01

Hi, just wondering if you found those problems with the cozee? I’ve got it for my 6 week old but have only been able to use it in the day so far
Thank you

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