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Moses basket

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walda Thu 11-Jan-18 23:02:13

Anyone no of a good Moses basket that's not too expensive? I was thinking of getting one of thos next to me cribs , changed my mind because they are far to expensive if they're only going to be init for a few weeks/months. I have looked at mamas and papas but any bad reviews and I get put off... xx

slowsloth Thu 11-Jan-18 23:23:00

Have you considered a second hand next 2 me to save on cost? It’s the best purchase I made for dd1 after not getting on with a Moses basket or a swinging crib. DD2 is now in it.

walda Fri 12-Jan-18 07:48:39

Ye id buy second hand one I just never see any for sale nere where iam. Can you put the side up if needs be as I'm worried my dog would curl up nere to the baby and sleep? X

slowsloth Sat 13-Jan-18 11:04:37

Yes the sides can go up, it’s a simple zip design. Obviously depending on the size of your dog I’m not sure a cot side could stop a dog getting to a baby. Our cat hasn’t been in our room overnight since about a month before I gave birth to dd1 almost 4 years ago.

If you’re going to use a next 2 me with the sides up then the only advantage over a normal crib or a Moses basket would be that it can be set to an angle if you’re baby is having reflux issues. But can’t be rocked/swung like with most cribs.

I only got the next 2 me after DD1 didn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes in a Moses basket, wouldn’t go down in a swinging crib at all so as a desperate last try we bought a next 2 me and it was great not having to get up when she stirred and it’s big enough for a sleepyhead to fit into. If DD2 would have come first I doubt I’d have tried a next 2 me as she will sleep anywhere!
Maybe consider a moba Moses basket, they’re made of plastic. I found the issue with the moses basket was that the wicker made noise every time I put DD1 down which disturbed her and made her wakeful. I haven’t known anyone who had a Moses basket for the first child use one for the second, I don’t think many people like them too much or at least not in my circle.

I really hope someone else replies to you too, I feel I haven’t been much use with your original question.

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