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Kinder valley white waffle pod

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Jxpfeasey Thu 07-Dec-17 13:49:04

Do not buy this product I’m absolutely furious I brought this product from Asda and it cut the bottom of my baby’s foot because it wasn’t woven properly and the resolution I’ve had after 3 months of investigating with Asda and kinder valley they have put the fault on to Asda for not checking the product I don’t know what else I can do to take this further I’m soo upset , my baby stopped breathing at 5 weeks old and had to be given cpr he’s now on a apnea alarm and this product was where he slept with it raised I couldn’t put him in the cot as he was just too small and the Moses basket was more secure feeling for him well I was left to go home with nothing after the manager in Asda store promised to provide us with a replacement Moses basket in store then to tell me they don’t provide them in store and couldn’t do anything more so after all this I’ve been left with having to put him in the cot which he had apnea’s all night because of this meaning I had to bring him down stairs to sleep in his bouncer so I had to sleep on the sofa with countless phone calls with Asda and them accepting blame they have offered 50 pound good will no way is this good enough the service recieved has been appalling anyone had similar with Asda

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