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Snuzpod sheets

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Hannah91x Wed 08-Nov-17 20:18:19

Hi everyone, I've bought the snuzpod for my baby due in Jan andI ordered fitted sheets from a website 'for your little one' but they've emailed to say they don't stock them anymore. Gutted as they were a really good price and the snuzpod ones seem so expensive - does anyone know any other fitted sheets which are compatible? I don't mind buying the proper snuzpod ones if I need to, just feel like there must be some cheaper options!

Also any advice on how many sheets I will need? (First baby)

Thanks! smile

CatsCatsCats11 Wed 08-Nov-17 20:19:08

I used crib size sheets, they were fine. If you google the dimensions online you can find them in shops.

Olivelor Sat 09-Dec-17 13:51:00

I got some for me from here since its my first baby, I didn't mind some of them but I also got some from Amazon and you can even find them on jojomamanbebe and Ebay if you google search it.

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