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Ikea cots

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Dudleygirl85 Sat 13-May-17 02:09:17

Hiya, just wondering if anyone owns an ikea cot. There's one I really like and I was wondering if they last well??..

Kira20 Tue 27-Jun-17 12:54:26

Hiya first time mum trying to buy a cot and a mattress from Ikea any suggested as I have no clue

BubbleFrog Tue 27-Jun-17 12:57:33

We have one and its absolutely fine. Their 100% cotton bedding is lovely and cheap!

Olivelor Mon 02-Oct-17 18:52:41

This looks really great. I am actually on the look out for cots for my first baby currently. I really like the looks of it but wonder if its tall enough to keep beside the bed as looks a bit low.

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