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Crib for newborn

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FlipperSkipper Sun 20-Nov-16 07:40:26

Has anybody had a crib for a newborn, and did they get on with it ok? I don't want a cosleeper as we'd struggle to fit it in our room, and saw a lovely swinging crib in John Lewis yesterday.

DoubleCarrick Sun 20-Nov-16 07:45:26

I've got a crib in my bedroom for baby. Unfortunately I can't comment any further because baby isn't due for another six weeks!

I decided to use a crib because DH is very tall so a moses basket is likely to be no use very quickly. Using a moses basket downstairs though

Afreshstartplease Sun 20-Nov-16 07:46:51

I had one for ds2, he hated it and I gave it away

MrEBear Sun 20-Nov-16 07:50:58

Yes I used a crib for my newborn, its dusted and cleaned waiting on its next occupant. I got on ok with it, used it for nights and used the carrycot of my pram for downstairs daytime sleeps.
Most cribs can be locked in place, either by a pin or mine has a bit that comes up to stop it from swinging.

BreatheDeep Sun 20-Nov-16 07:57:30

We have a crib. DS1 went in it from about 3 months as he was too big for the moses basket and we don't have much space in our bedroom. He was fine in it, preferred it to the moses basket.
Currently waiting for DS2 to arrive. He'll be going straight in the crib as we didn't like the moses basket last time. Hopefully all will be fine.
Ours isn't a swinging crib though.

Spottyladybird Sun 20-Nov-16 08:54:22

We've got a crib. Last time round I used to put the Moses basket inside it when DD was tiny but she was such a long baby that she fitted in the crib much better.

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