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Suitable cot / crib for baby to 1 year old

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Muffintop101 Fri 19-Aug-16 11:27:37

My DD2 is 2 months old and is getting big for her moses basket. With DD1 (3.5 years old) we transferred her directly into the cotbed, but this is set up in DD1's room and DD1 is well-intentioned, but prods DD2 a lot and has to be watched like a hawk to make sure she does not harm the little one. We won't be watching them at night when we are all meant to be asleep but I'm concerned DD1 may get out of her bed in the night to comfort DD2 if she cries and might cause DD2 distress (and that DD2 may also disturb DD1 until DD2 sleeps through the night). Consequently, we'd like to keep DD2 in our room until she is about 1 year old and sturdier. Can anyone recommend a compact cot / crib up to a year old? I would really like a Chicco Close2Me side crib but can't work out whether it would be long enough. It's certainly wide enough.

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