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The perfect bed for age 2 - 9ish???

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user1467759195 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:53:10

Hi all

I'm new to here and I am wondering what are the main things to consider when buying a starter bed with a view to it lasting a few years and being fun? I've read that cabin beds can be a pain re changing sheets, giving bedtime cuddles and mopping up sick!! Any suggestions gratefully received. I'd like the bed to be a play space as well in the day. What's a reasonable price to pay do you think?

Thanks in anticipation xx

Zina222 Thu 07-Jul-16 13:34:18

Probably not going to help you as it's the total opposite of what you want but I have a couple of friends who had beds with the canopy over (Wendy house type thing) and one with the play house under the bed and they both struggled with bedtimes as the children wanted to play rather than sleep.

user1467759195 Sat 09-Jul-16 16:07:27

Thanks Zina222 for this. It's as worth knowing about things not to consider as recommendations on things to consider!

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