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Chico next to me - can I raise the side when attached to bed?

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hannahbanananana Sat 25-Jul-15 12:53:57

Baby isn't due until January, but starting to think about what we need to buy. Really like the look of the chico next to me bedside crib. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether you can raise the side easily should I want to leave the baby unattended if I need to nip in the shower or whatever. Does anyone have the next to me? How are you getting on with it? Is it worth it? Thanks smile

neomamma Sun 09-Aug-15 10:59:48

Hi! i am also exploring the Chicco one or the Snuzpod as an alternative. I went to John Lewis to play around with the Chicco to see how it would work in practice. I have more or less discounted it (despite recommendation from a friend) because of how tricky it was to raise and lower the side when attached to the bed unless you are happy to have the mesh side with a heavy and awkward metal bar sitting on top of the duvet while feeding or any time the panel is down. most people seem to keep it permanently down (as my friend did), tucked down between the bed and the cot but i am anxious about the chance of the duvet accidentally moving onto the baby when i am asleep, if the mesh side is not up. maybe first time mum paranoia but the snuzpod looks easier from that point of view (although it is shorter so get less use out of it). not sure if that helps?

picopico Fri 07-Apr-17 23:19:58

We've used the Chico next to me, and had it strapped permanently to our bed with the mesh side down. As noted above, once strapped to the bed it is impractical to change this - so we'd leave a heavy pillow on our bed as a soft barrier for short absences.

P.S. Getting sheets to fit this mattress was annoying, larger Asda stores sell a "travel cot" size sheet which works (a little larger than needed).

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