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Camping cots - 11 month old

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marshaF Tue 30-Jun-15 15:19:00

Hi there, am looking for advice from all you experienced campers out there! We are taking our soon camping in august , he will be 11 months old. I'm looking for something more compact than a standard travel cot, and have been looking at the samsonite pop up cots in a bag or the koo di ones which seem to get decent reviews. He is a fair sized boy and I would like it to last at least a year, and some people say they are better for younger babies. My husband thinks we should get him a blow up type bed but I think he might be too young as he has a cot at home, not a bed. I'd be really grateful for any advice/tips etc as finding it all confusing confused thankyou x

PotteringAlong Wed 01-Jul-15 13:03:59

My 9 month old just sleeps on the blow up double mattress next to me

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