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worrying about using our travel cot safety

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RedSquirrel28 Tue 30-Jun-15 07:50:09

Hi all,
First post so I hope you can help. We have just bought the John Lewis travel cot and mattress enhancer for our holiday next week. Last night we tried it out to make sure our LO got on with it ok. To start with I was worried about the mattress enhancer, it seemed way too soft and I know that SIDs advice is sleep on a firm mattress. Then neither myself or my husband could get the sheet to fit tightly round the mattress because of the velcro which holds it in place. So there were loose swags which my daughter plucked at in the night loosening the sheet further.
Has anyone else had these issues and overcome them and what do people think about the super soft mattress enhancer? Thanks in advance.

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