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Cocoonababy - when did you stop using and how did you transition to cot?

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Burmama Sat 11-Apr-15 08:48:22

Hi all, just that really. My LO is almost 11 weeks and still using his cocoonababy. I know it's safe to use "until baby starts trying to change position" but not sure whether that includes, for example, stretching out his legs? He can't roll over yet. Also, on the same note, how did you manage the transition to flat surface in the cot? I just know he is going to hate it, he wakes up immediately if I lay him down flat. Any tips/sharing of your experience very welcome!

Burmama Sat 11-Apr-15 14:06:08


Stinkersmum Thu 21-May-15 08:14:33

Have you thought about a babymoov cosysleep? You could use that for the initial transition. Not as bulky as the cocoon but still not quite flat. The leg support can be removed when needed. Also stops flat head....

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