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Sleepyhead deluxe with a bednest??

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Ilovechops Thu 22-Jan-15 21:02:56

I've ordered the bednest for hire but now heard about the sleepyhead deluxe which gets rave reviews!

Has anyone used them both together or should I just go with one option? I have opted for the bed best as am having a c-section so thought easier access to baby would be useful in the initial weeks.

Anyone know about this?

hazeybee Thu 05-Feb-15 15:13:34

I too would like to know this, as well as cocoonababy as i have one of those too.

snowydrops Sun 15-Feb-15 21:08:25

I asked in John Lewis and the lady (who knew about the bednest) said it should indeed work with the sleepyhead deluxe.

littlemissblue Sun 15-Feb-15 21:11:20

I did and it worked brilliantly- fitted fine and she slept like a dream!

missmargot Sun 15-Feb-15 21:13:05

We used them together for DS, both highly recommended.

snowydrops Mon 16-Feb-15 22:39:38

Great, hoping for a baby that sleeps like a dream...!

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