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Which nursery furniture would you recommend from these??

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Futter Wed 24-Dec-14 12:53:00

Can't decide between the below and wondered if anyone had any recommendations/reviews??
Mamas and papas - orchard furniture - sleigh cotbed, changer (but only the front bar removes) and can buy matching furniture (eg tall boy, chest etc)
Mothercare - Harrogate furniture - more traditional Cotbed with under drawer, changer with removable top and can also buy matching furniture
Silvercross nostalgia sleigh bed and changer - can't purchase any matching items

Any views would be welcome or other recommendations? Looking for white furniture, good quality, Cotbed (pref sleigh style) and perhaps option of purchasing matching furniture as we have quite a large nursery
Thanks all! Xxgrin

catlass Wed 24-Dec-14 12:57:49

We have the orchard sleigh cotbed. We've had it since my LO was born and she's still in it now as a bed at 3. Honestly it has been brilliant. My littlest is 1 and in a few months he will go in it as a cot when we buy the eldest a proper bed. It is big, sturdy, beautiful to look at. Just don't rate M+P customer service ;)

Futter Wed 24-Dec-14 15:03:37

Thanks Catlass :-) do you also have the changer? Is it pain that you can't remove the top as your child grows at all?

catlass Wed 24-Dec-14 17:00:56

We don't have the orchard changer. We actually went for the Madison wardrobe and changing table as they were cheaper but you couldn't tell that they weren't meant to go together. Like you I really wanted a sleigh cot bed. We haven't actually removed the bar bits of the Madison changing table, it never occurred to me that you might be able to! We still do use it to change DS on though at 13 months and as he gets older I suspect the top will be used to store teddies.

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