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Babyway Luxury Travel Cot with Bassinet Feature

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rmariag Thu 20-Nov-14 06:50:52

Hi guys

Planning to purchase this item off Amazon for our firstborn on the way in feb... Been doing lots of research on what to pick. Few things that stood out is that it seems we can't predict too much in advance what the baby might be comfy in, whether cot or moses basket or this! Not sure why but we seem to have out heart set on this item considering our present circumstances such as need for portability and versatility in a sleeping cot.
However am a little bit skeptical on if the bassinet features mattress would be firm or comfy enough for babys back since it seems to have a bit of a hammocky feel to it. Have any of you had the little one sleep in a travel cot as a normal cot? Your experiences are greatly appreciated smile

Thanks so much and looking forward to your thoughts!

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