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Mattress help pleeeease!

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Lozzabell Thu 11-Sep-14 08:46:42

Currently pulling my hair out over picking a mattress for my DS new cot bed.
He's moving from the co-sleeper as soon as we have the mattress.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Currently considering the best one Mother Care do which is £150. This seemed a lot until I saw Mamas and Papas sell one at £250...! Now, I'm a sucker for the phrase 'you get what you pay for'... but we just can't stretch to £250.
My other half wants to buy a mattress from Amazon which seems to have all the selling points of the Mother Care mattress but at a third of the cost. confused


amy83firsttimer Mon 06-Oct-14 18:41:12

Have you tried babymattresesonline? They make to measure.

FluffyKent Tue 02-Dec-14 16:18:43

I also bought the £150 MC mattress 3 yrs ago is that the zip off cover one? It's a lovely mattress & so ideal to zip off the cover esp if yr little one has had an accident/been sick etc. Problem with Amazon u can't view it before hand/knowledge from the shops etc.

I'm also debating whether to use my mattress again for 2nd baby (due in feb) has been covered over & only stored in a bedroom as my 3 yr old is now in a full sized single bed but am concerned/worry you about using a mattress 2nd time round instead of buying a new one, any thoughts?

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