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another cot or toddler/single bed 17mth age gap

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frogem366 Mon 17-Feb-14 21:17:54

I am due to have our second baby in July. DD1 will be 17mths when baby is born. DD1 us currently in a cotbed, and we are unsure what to do once baby is ready to move from Moses basket / crib to cot.

What did you do? any advice good or bed is much appreciated. I see 2 options
1) buy another cot, then as baby grows move them to cotbed and meanwhile progress DD1 to converted cotbed as a toddler bed and then single bed when baby needs cotbed
2) move DD1 to new toddler or single bed when baby needs to move from Moses basket / crib to cotbed

I am assuming baby will move from Moses basket / crib around 4 months like DD1 did (she out grew them)

Thank you in advance for your time.

Chopsypie Mon 17-Feb-14 21:22:22

I had the same age gap and moved DS into a single bed when he was 13 months. It was a car bed that was very close to the floor.
He moved into it with no problems at all (I kept a stair gate on his door until he potty trained) and I just used the Moses basket then cot as Usual for the baby.

Chopsypie Mon 17-Feb-14 21:24:21

Also, if you have a home bargains near you, they often have toddler beds including all bedding for around £50. They are very 'character' (we have one at nanas for sleepover and it's bright pink and covered in Minnie Mouse) but seem quite sturdy and are a good middle ground

Gemdar Mon 17-Feb-14 21:31:08

I have 18mth gap and eldest (now 2.3) is still in a cotbed with the sides on.

Only reason I'd put in a bed would be if they are a climber!

Would you consider buying a second hand cotbed the same size so you can move dd and her mattress into that? Keeps all options open with less cost...

frogem366 Tue 18-Feb-14 10:54:23

Thank you for advice smile

Yes would consider second hand cot / cotbed but have wondered if its worth it as would need to get new mattress and with this expense would a toddler bed / single be a better investment.

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