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GLTC Digger bed - lost instructions and GLTC won't help!

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BlueC2 Thu 30-Jan-14 14:16:00

Does anyone happen to have a set of assembly instructions for a Great Little Trading Company digger bed - it is the one with the squared off cab rather than the rounded cab shape (I can email a photo if you think you might be able to help)?

My friend has given us the bed (fully dismantled in lots of pieces) but can't find the instructions! I have contacted GLTC and they only have instructions on file for the other model and the fixings are totally different. GLTC are being VERY awkward saying they can't contact the supplier about the bed without the original order number, date of order, model of bed etc - none of which my friend has as she bought the bed a few years ago and just as her second child was born so keeping such details (like the instructions!) was the last thing on her mind!! From the research I have done GLTC seem to have only had 2 models of digger bed so it really shouldn't be difficult for them to find the correct supplier and help me but alas they will not!

So I am appealing to any Mumsnetters out there who may have been more organised and have a set of instructions they could possibly scan and email to me so I can put the bed together for my DS before DC2 arrives and needs the cot!

Many thanks

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