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Snuzpod vs Bednest vs chicco next 2 me

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Biscuit357 Thu 09-Jan-14 10:24:39

Hi All

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and am investigating co-sleeping options. We had a moses basket with our first and I didn't find it that great (quite hard to lift her in and out smoothly etc). It also looks like I'm going to have a c-section this time so I thought a co-sleeper would stop the bending/leaning over.

The title says the rest really - anybody have any feedback? I only came across the Chicco next 2 me today, and it seems similar to the other 2 but £100 cheaper.

Also - we have a divan bed, not a frame. How you strap the cot to the bed in this case.

Thanks in advance!

hopetoun Thu 23-Jan-14 20:52:26

wondering the same thing. which did you go for?

Pip35 Fri 24-Jan-14 18:28:33

Ditto - expecting my first LO in a few weeks and not really keen on the moses basket option. Does anyone know if the bassinet is detachable on the Chicco, like the Snuzpod?

noblegiraffe Fri 24-Jan-14 18:31:35

I rented a bednest from the NCT for 6 months. It comes with a strap that you can loop around the base of a divan bed.

Steven75 Tue 28-Jan-14 11:33:13

I have the snuzpod and im really happy with it. Great bit of kit. It's not that much more expensive than the next2me one but you can lift the bassinet part off and move it round the house so we didn't bother getting a moses basket. It attached to the bed really easily and included extra straps to attach it to a divan based bed which was good as it is what I have!

I actually originally wanted the chicco next2me crib, but when I saw it in store the big issue I had was you can't raise the mesh wall whilst it is attached to the bed?!?!? (Which i couldn't believe!) You have to undo the WHOLE CRIB from the bed (undo the straps etc.) and move it away just to be able to lift the side wall up??? Not possible whilst the baby is still asleep in it - for me that was important as I wanted to be able to leave the baby in it unattended but not disconnect it from the bed every time I wanted to put the side wall up or down. Plus the bassinet doesn't come off the next2me so it can only be used as a bedside crib.

The bednest has similar functions as the snuzpod but I didn't like the look of it and it's £100 more.

There's another called the babybay bedside crib that I looked at, but again, the side wall cant be adjusted when next to the bed and there's no bassinet to move around the house.

Oh, one thing i didnt think about when I bought it was the snuzpod is the only one that rocks, which now is turning out to be a god send!!!


JennieD101 Tue 11-Feb-14 16:36:34

I always have to post about Bednest because I think it is AMAZING! We rented ours and was only £99 and then they took it back when our baby got too big.
It does come with straps to attach to the bed, but the side panel near the bed also comes down so there isn't a space if you have a bedframe and I just slid her from bednest to me and back smile
We used the bednest when we visited my parents and as it folds flat there was still loads of space in the boot for all the other stuff and she slept better. The stand tilting was also a life saver as my daughter was sick lots and it helped her being upright at night.
It really was the best things we got and would 100% recommend.

Minions Sat 08-Mar-14 07:46:43

I'm interested in this too. I like the look of Chicco but it looks like it's not for sale yet? Trying to find out when I could get one, I'm 32 weeks so can't wait too long smile Also wondering if normal crib sheets will fit it. Off shopping today so will see if I can find out more.

Pip35 Sat 08-Mar-14 09:38:04

I ended up getting the snuzpod but still waiting for baby to arrive! Looks very sturdy and relatively easy to assemble...DH is not particularly DIY-savvy but he managed it! A minor part was missing but customer service were great and sent it out the next day. We have set it up separate to our bed for the moment as you have to slightly modify the set-up to attach straps with your bed. When LO arrives, I can update you on how we find it. Hope that's helpful and good luck!

Beabou Sat 08-Mar-14 10:30:20

Sorry, so does anyone know if the chicconext2me actually comes with a strap long enough to fit a duvan base? I think one of the responses referred to the snuz pod only but didn't mention if the chicco can be attached to a duvan?the su
Nuz pod seems very expensive so I may opt for the chicco though I'm a bit concerned about the comment about not bding able to lift the side wall whilst still attached to the bed?? Does anyone have any experience with this?-thanks so much in advance smile

Beabou Sat 08-Mar-14 10:32:10

Btw you can buy the chicco next2me from boots in dove grey, a nice neutral colour it retails at £149.99 I saw it in their free baby mag called baby , bump and me

Minions Sat 08-Mar-14 22:34:24

I went to Mamas & Papas today, they had the chicco on display. The lady there was helpful and explained that the retailers have it for display but not yet in stock. M&P expect delivery mid-May, too late for us. Both Very & Isme say they'll have stock mid-April. I checked Boots website, it's out of stock there too so I think everyone is waiting for it.

We also have divan bed and lady in M&P reckons the straps aren't designed for our kind of bed. However, it felt sturdy and feet bend so it can get right up to the bed. We felt comfortable with that. She also reckons normal sized crib sheets will fit (though the display didn't have sheets on it).

We're going to order online from Very or Isme but hope it's here on time.

katsie83 Sun 09-Mar-14 14:55:22

We have bought the chicco next2me for my baby due in May, we have a king divan and the straps fit round the mattress

It has been for sale since january but really hard to get as sold out everywhere at the momemt most say april or may delivery

Ragdoll84 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:27:15

We have got the chicco next to me for our next baby due in April... Our son wouldn't sleep in the moses basket and we really regret not getting a co sleeper back then. And I too am having a csect this time, so fingers crossed it will be worth it for that too.

I'm not sure how big the other co sleepers mentioned are, but the chicco is bigger than Moses basket size,which is great. Our son was waking himself up bashing the sides of his moses and had to move to his cot at 8 weeks!

We've currently got it set up and I've just tried pulling the mesh side up while strapped to our bed base, and although it's fiddley, it's doable. But the straps once fitted to your bed base just clip on and off easily to detach. You don't have to rethread or anything each time. Actually, if I secure the straps on, but just stuff the side mesh down between the mattress and crib it can be done up and undone again really easily.

My only 'complaint' about it is that it's fold-in legs and the wheels can only be on one side, and it's designed for mum to be sleeping on the left hand side of the bed (as you look at it), and I sleep on the right. This isn't a major issue as we don't need to bend the legs in as we don't have a divan. But we want the wheels at the head end for ease of moving. So have put the crib on the base the 'wrong way'. All this means is that we can't slot the metal frame of the mesh side into the brackets as they are now on the outside of the crib. But if you have a divan and need to fold the legs in and sleep on the right, the wheels will be towards the foot of the bed. I don't think it's a major issue, but a bit of a teething problem for chicco!

Janinieweenie Mon 10-Mar-14 09:40:56

Hi, I've just pre ordered this from very, but unsure what size sheets I should be buying?!? Any advice? X

niccamor Sat 17-May-14 21:01:58

I have been using the next2me for my (almost) 6 week old son for about a week now. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and was finding our 'snug' basket too difficult to lift baby out of for the night feed. I tried to buy it from mama's and papa's but there was a waiting list until June for delivery - instead I ordered it from Mothercare and it arrived in store after a couple of days. As I am using topcashback I also qualify for almost £10 back and this means this was by far the cheapest of the co-sleeping options.

The next2me is heavier than I expected and it does not fold down that small but it does come with a bag for storage / transportation. I am so far very happy with it as it should double as a travel cot for our short trip away next week. It is a good size and very sturdy and is very simple to put together and disassemble.

I am currently using home-made flat cover for the mattress as baby sleeps in a gro-bag anyway it did not seem to need extra bedding right away. I'd love to know if anyone has found bedding that is suitable.

Our Ikea bed (the old version of this is solid down to the floor and I have just put the next2me up against the side of the bed without strapping it on to the frame. I am perfectly happy with this at the moment as he is still so young.

sonkat Mon 26-May-14 16:43:29

Hi ive decided on the chicco next to me crib does anyone know whether normal crib sheets fit or do you have to get specific ones for the chicco crib? Also anyone wanting one I got mine for £119.99 from winstanleys pramworld who have 20% off all chicco products only until the 1st of June though. You need to sign up to there newsletter to get the 20% off but the code I used was CHICCOMAY if anyone wants to use that I assume it will be the same code for everyone

sonkat Mon 26-May-14 16:45:29

And I ordered my chicco next to me crib on sunday 25th may and it will be arriving on wednesday 28th may so fast delivery too

cjb75 Wed 02-Jul-14 18:02:57

Hi we bought the chicco next2me and eagerly awaiting use! We bought 2 DK Glove sheets 80*30cm that were advertised as easily fitting the chicco next2me and they just don't. Got to now return them :-(

gemmanightingale71281 Mon 07-Jul-14 14:14:59

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gemmanightingale71281 Mon 07-Jul-14 14:17:01

I have the chicco next to me! Its the best thing iv bought! Well that and the rocker napper by tiny love! Both amazing products! Defo should all buy one! X

ann11281 Wed 09-Jul-14 22:01:19

I woudn't pay so much for the co-sleeper. I am currently sleeping with a 6 month and 5 year old. Bought a bedside cot on ebay. It was less then £100.00 as far as I remember.

Sunnyday14 Thu 31-Jul-14 07:23:27

I'm 31 weeks and still toying with the idea of Bednest or Snuzpod. Can anyone with a snuzpod tell me if the rocking action can be locked off? i.e. so it's not possible to rock it, e.g. if baby doesn't like the rocking?


Teddybear33 Fri 01-Aug-14 22:45:02 the q&a's say it only rocks if you choose to, otherwise it's static. Hope this helps.

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