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This topic is for discussing cots and beds . If you want to buy or sell cots and beds, please use our For Sale/Wanted boards.

Looking for travel cot

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tweetytwat Thu 28-Nov-13 09:10:44

I had one from asda, a red kite one and another that I can't remember but think was by Hauck maybe? They were both a bit tricky to get the hang of putting them up and down but once you had 'the knack' they were fine

MrsCaptainJackSparrow Thu 28-Nov-13 08:56:36

Thanks for the reply. We will be driving and have just purchases a nice big estate car so room isn't really a problem!

I've read reviews and that are so mixed!

tweetytwat Thu 28-Nov-13 08:54:53

I had two basic ones and they were fine. But quite heavy, are you driving or flying? I don't know if you can take them as extra to the baggage allowance like you can a pushchair.

MrsCaptainJackSparrow Thu 28-Nov-13 07:44:21

I'm currently looking at travel cots for my 6mo. We are visiting my family for a few days at Christmas and my dp family in Germany for a week at new year.

Are the basic ones ok?

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